ABOUT JANE // Your Fitness Evangelist

Jane is an avid fitness enthusiast and athlete. If she is not in the gym, she is cycling, running, weight training, golfing, yoga or playing tennis. She has completed the New York marathon, the Marine Corp marathon and the elite Boston marathon. Jane is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys helping and motivating others to achieve their fitness goals.

“If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it doesn’t CHANGE you.”

Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, affecting more than five million Americans.  In this section, you can find out more about Alzheimer’s and how you can manage…

Train with Jane

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Start your day with protein for breakfast. The first meal of the day sets your body up for either a day of fat burning or fat storage. A bowl of…

Juicing with Jane

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Juicing is a great way to get your veggies and fruits for the day.  Here are some juicing recipes that I use for meal replacement. You can do a juice…

Rowing Machine Workout

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Benefits of a Rowing Machine Another way to improve your health?  Running is a great calorie burning exercise but pounding the pavement can do long term damage to your joints and…