Rowing Machine Workout

Rowing Machine Workout

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Benefits of a Rowing Machine


Another way to improve your health?  Running is a great calorie burning exercise but pounding the pavement can do long term damage to your joints and knees. Joining a gym that has rowing machines are an ideal way to work toward maximum physical fitness. Using a rowing machine can help to build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina. Rowing machines are particularly effective fitness enthusiasts because they place no strain on your back and joints.

Weight Loss

Rowing can burn lots of calories, making it a great addition to your workout regimen. If weight loss is your priority, start rowing!  Rowing on a regular basis can help you work toward the calorie deficit that is integral to weight loss.

Cardiovascular Benefits

A rowing machine is an endurance exercise that increases heart function and uses carbohydrates to provide the energy required to exercise. Keeping the rowing machine tension at a low level allows you to maintain a high rate of speed with little resistance in order to reach and maintain an aerobic state. Aerobic exercise can improve your lung, heart, joint paind and your circulation system.

I recommend the water rower which simulates rowing on a lake.  It is quiet, affordable and a all around great workout!   Visit


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