24/45 workout

24/45 workout

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The 24/45 workout is a full body workout which consists of 24 resistance moves for 45 seconds for each move. Choose one move and repeat 3 times for 45 seconds each time.

45 second Arms (bicep curls, shoulder press, push-ups, tri-cep dips)

45 seconds Legs (squats, squats with weights, walking lunges, squat jumps)

45 seconds ABS (bicycle, scissor kicks, crunches, sit-ups, crunches on a ball)

45 seconds Cardio (butt kicks, knee-ups, jumping jacks, bench jumps)

Repeat 3 times

Here is an example:

45 second Arms – shoulder press

45 seconds Legs – walking lunges

45 seconds ABS – scissor kicks

45 seconds Cardio – knee-ups

Repeat 3 times

End your workout with  a wall sit and a plank for 1 minute.  You just completed 24/45 workout!

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